Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long over due photos of David & Sharon Banks

This is David and Sharon Banks. The attend Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY. They graciously have opened their home to Danny while he is at CCoFL School of Ministry. The Banks took Danny on a day trip to see the lighthouse on Lake Ontario pictured behind them. At my request they emailed me this lovely photo of themselves. The second picture is of Danny in front of the lighthouse. Thank you David and Sharon for being such a blessing to Danny and for the kind e-mail introducing yourselves to us. We are praying for you and for Danny.

Pictures from the DR

It was so nice to see the Niesens! (Ransom is the little one)
It is good to be home with Dan and Jack. We went to church this morning and Dan shared with the body about what Haiti has endured the last few weeks, with hurricanes Fay through Ike. They have been hit hard. Please keep the Haitian and the Dominican people in your prayers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Theres no place like home!

Here are some random pictures I took while in the DR.

I saw the wildest thing last night, (it didn't even phase John) the security guard at the gas station was carrying a shotgun! Not a policeman with a handgun in his holster but a security guard with a shotgun dangling from his hand. I was amazed. It is very different here.
I will be flying home today. I leave Santo Domingo at 8:35 pm and arrive in Fort Lauderdale, Fl at 11:00 pm. Please pray for travelling mercies.
I thank God for the oppurtunity I've had to spend time with the Niesen family during this exciting time. It has been great. I have missed their family since they left Florida (especially Sarah, sorry John & Evie). Little Ransom is so precious and such a good baby. He looks alot like his sister.
I will get some pictures today and post them when I am home. I am looking forward to seeing my family, the CCoV church body and the Agape staff and volunteers. God bless!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My time in the Dominican Republic & Ransom's arrival!

Ransom was born today! Praise God!! I will leave all the details for Sarah to share.(
I am really blessed to have had this time here in the D.R., although I miss my family a lot. I now have a better idea what we will need to prepare for our deployment. I also have a renewed appreciation for hot showers, constant electricity, air conditioning, Albertsons, and being able to flush the toilet paper. I will enjoy them all for the remainder of our time in the States. I do not plan on driving here...driving here is very scary! I think Dan will do just fine though. I return home on Monday night please pray for a safe journey. Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Ransom Yet!

Good Morning! Last night John and Sarah went on a date and ended up at the hospital. They are still there but no Ransom yet, the Dr. thought he would be born last night or early morning but it was not to be. Maybe today. Evie and I are doing well, she is a trooper! Being here has been eye opening. It is giving me a real idea of what it will be like when my family gets here. It is a rainy day here in Santo Domingo, we had a horrible thunder storm last night...the thunder was so fierce it was setting car alarms off all around us, but Evie slept right through it. Please keep John,Sarah and Ransom in your prayers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike didn't hit here like it did was dark, windy and rainy with very loud thunder and lots of lightning. The park behind the mission house is once again flooded. I sat up during the worst of the storms (around 3 am) and prayed for the people who live in the low lying areas and the Haitians. On the way in from the airport Sarah showed me as we passed over a bridge a whole community, probably 100 house (shacks really) built on the banks of the river, right on top of each other....feet away from the waters edge...she said there are these communities all up and down the rivers...when it floods even a little they are seriously affected. I will try to get a picture on our way is something you have to see to believe. Please pray for these people as well as the Haitians.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday and yesterday in pictures.

Isaac, Pastor Vic, Maureen, Hannah and Jael Batista

Thursday night I stayed with The Batista family pictured here. Pastor Vic Batista, who was born and lived in the DR until the age of 9, is the Pastor at CC of Aventura (FL) and also is planting a CC of Santo Domingo and has planted a CC of Santiago, DR. I was so blessed to be their guest. Thank you Batista Family!

John, Sarah and Evie and their gifts of love!

Evie and I played with blocks...she is so advanced!

Today has been cooler as Ike approaches...he is not going to hit us directly but he is huge and we will feel his effects. I am enjoying spending time with the Niesens...Ransom is not ready to join us yet... I will keep you posted.
To my family I love you!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I arrived safe and sound.

I am sitting in Santo Domingo and it is hot! I will post some photos in the morning.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heading off to the Dominican Republic

I (Kate) am heading off to Santo Domingo, D.R., Lord willing! I fly out of Fort Lauderdale airport tomorrow morning at 6 am and return late on the 15th. Please pray that hurricanes Hanna, Ike and Josephine (and any others) stay far away from me. As of now Ike is to hit the D.R. on Saturday. I am going to assist our friends, John and Sarah Niesen,the new Field Directors for Agape Flights. They are expecting their second child on September 11th. I am hoping to be a blessing to as many people as I can while there. I am also looking forward to learning more about the country that will be our home in the not too distant future.

I am going to get to spend some time with Pastor Vic, his wife Maureen and their family this evening (CC Aventura FL). Pastor Vic, who was born in the Dominican Republic, has started a CC (Calvary Chapel) in Santiago D.R. and a CC of Santo Domingo is in the works. There may even be a CC Bible College starting in Santo Domingo. Dan and I were very excited to learn of these developments.
I am off to drive the 3 hours to Fort lauderdale. I will update when I arrive Friday.