Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anchors Away for Danny

Danny has enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He will enter into naval service on June 4th, 2009. Which was his Papa Bob's birthday, he would be so proud that Danny was following in the Sherrill family tradition of naval service. Please keep Danny in your prayers as he is hoping to meet the physical requirements for either Navy Seal or Search and Rescue Diver. He has some hard work ahead of him but if it is God's will it'll happen
He has also applied for a ROTC scholarship. If he is granted the scholarship, he will enter into service as an officer after completing his bachelors degree rather than on June 4th.
Danny will be continuing his studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College this academic year. He will be coming home to spend some time with his family and joining us for the Calvary Chapel South East Pastor's conference January 17 - 22nd. We can't wait to see him, he is greatly missed !

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rachael is with Jesus

Please pray for Bob, Angie and Katie as they mourn the loss of their precious Rachael.


March 25 2006 -- November 19 2008

Rachael left the loving arms of her parents at 6:12 am and is now in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus. It was a long night again watching her suffer. Her pain medication was doubled then tripled. Angie and I encouraged her to just let go several times during the night but she is very stubborn. I wonder where she gets that from.We have a very surreal calm right now. My daughter died less than half an hour ago and I have no doubt that she is running and laughing right now. I can't wait to see her again. I know she will be there in heaven waiting for us. We were privileged to know her and better people because of what she taught us. We praise God for the time we had with her. I will update again tomorrow. Love Bob

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rachael update...Please pray for the Gleason family...

This is from Rachael's caring bridges page from just a few minutes ago.
It was a long night. Angie and I talked about a lot of things. These are hard things to decide on. We decided not to have another blood transfusion. She is having some pain and its time to end it. We know where she is going and look forward to the day when we see her again, whole and healed. We are going to let Katie say goodbye to her and attempt to explain what is happening. This will be a long and difficult day. We ask that everyone please not come to visit today and please try to limit calls to Angie and I. We love you all and we will grieve together in the coming days. But we need some time alone and ask you to please respect that. We will update this site if and when something happens. Please be in prayer for the Fisher family who lost their baby boy yesterday morning. There is a link to him on our links page. Love Bob

Gleasons...we are praying for you all.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rachael update...don't stop praying.

This is the latest on little Rachael.
It is with much sadness that I share our latest news. We heard from the doctors at Sloan Kettering in New York. Rachael's disease has reached a point where they cannot treat it. Its hard to explain. The tumors are bleeding and cannot be removed without causing so much damage that the bleeding will continue. And they cannot do the antibody therapy with the tumors in there. That therapy only works on microscopic disease and not bulk disease. There are no more options that have a chance of working. We may have only a few weeks left. We will try to make her comfortable and enjoy her while we can. We have exhausted all options and don't want to put her through more pain . We have begun thinking about funeral arrangements and don't have a clue where to begin. Please pray for Gods peace to come over us in the next few weeks. Love Bob

Bob,Angie, Katie and Rachael...we are praying for you and love you...please let us know if there is antything we can do. The May's

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Urgent prayer needed!!!!

We have copied an excert from our friends' Bob and Angie Gleason's blog about the condition of their daughter, Rachael, who many of us have been praying for.
I'm not sure how to break this to you all. Yesterday was not a good day. During the surgery we were getting periodic reports from Dr. Stroud. The blood clots had neuroblastoma cells in them. There were also tumors that were growing along the spine and over the top of her intestine. There doesn't seem to be much they can do. Chemo obviously doesn't work and the tumors were growing outside of the radiation field. So we are stopping radiation for now. Our minds tell us that any further treatments would only delay the inevitable. But our hearts want us to keep fighting and look for other options. At what point do we stop putting her through pain and just try to enjoy her while we can. But we don't know if we will spend her last days laughing and having fun or watching her wither away. This is a tough place to be. All children belong to God and he just loans them to us for a while. We must have won the children lottery because God gave us the two most beautiful angels in all of heaven. We will fight to save her but we will always consider ourselves blessed for whatever time we got to spend with her. Bob
We are asking for all who read this to pray for this family. Please pray for healing, wisdom, and comfort.
Bob, Angie, Katie and Rachael - We love you, Dan, Kate, Danny and Jack
To visit Rachael's caring bridges page go to and sign the guest book to let them know you are praying for them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our weekend & Can you find your self? part 2

This past weekend we had some guests, Gabe and Alayna, while their parents went to Iowa to lead a marriage conference. It was so nice to have a GIRL and a NON TEENAGE young man! (Love you Jack!) We went to the private beach via a ferry, went to the library (no worries Paul, I kept the books and DVD's), we made some from scratch french bread (the picture with the loaf of bread was after we had been at the beach for a hour or so, hence the wind blown hair) and Gabe made a batch of fudgy brownies. Gabe also got to help Mr.Dan with various auto repairs (see below for more on that), shoot hoops with Jack and wax Mr. Dan's car. It was fun to have them and almost made me wish mine were young again...almost. I am very blessed with two great young men! I am excited to see how the Lord is going to use their lives.
This was a bad weekend for our finances and my van though. When Gabe, Alayna and I got into the car after leaving the library it wouldn't start...Dan to the battery was dead, cracked and very corroded. It was so bad the guy at Walmart refused to change it out...Dan and Gabe to the rescue. While removing it Dan found the cable leading to it was also corroded...we had to replace the cable unexpected $160.00 dollars (with free labor)for the cable and battery. That was Friday...On Saturday night I left to go pick Jack up from work and I hear this funny noise...I immediately return home and see one of my tires is as flat as it could possibly be...Dan and Gabe to the rescue...Thank you Dan for giving up a big chunk of your weekend fixing my van, I am so blessed to be married to you! Sunday after driving to church on my donut (Alayna and Gabe thought that was a funny name). We went to Firestone to have them repair or replace the tire, I was concerned about another unexpected expense and Dan didn't think the warranty would cover it. Gabe suggested we pray about it before we went in (What a young man!) which we did. They did have to replace it but our warranty covered most of it...the grand total was $13.78. Praise God! I have also changed the slide show to show more friends and family pictures. How was your weekend?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family Fun Night!

We had our annual Family Fun Night at Calvary Chapel of Venice on Friday. Here is a picture of Jack in the dunk tank. This is an outreach to our community where families can come and eat, play games, and win candy. Our aim is to introduce our church to the local community and meet with them. We had over 500 people show up. Some of those who were introduced to the church Friday came this morning (Sunday) to worship.