Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We did not get to see the launch because of weather conditions, but we had fun being with Russ and Rosemary and we know what to bring and where to park for next time.
Dan is employed! Praise God! He is now a 6th grade school teacher at Calvary Chapel Christian School in Sarasota, FL.
Only 10 days until we see Danny! Not being able to call him up and talk to him whenever we want has been hard.
Have a Jesus filled day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Space Shuttle Endeavour viewing/Danny's phone call

Good Morning! Dan, Jack, Russ & Rosemary Sandman and I are going to Titusville to see the shuttle launch! It is set to launch at 1939 (7:39 pm). We have never seen a launch before!I am really looking forward to it. Please pray for good weather so it is not cancelled.
We got a phone call from Danny this morning and he is no longer sick(Praise God!)...he is doing well at Navy Basic Training...We miss him soooo much. He shares he can make his bed perfectly now...lol. He asks for letters from everyone ...PLEASE...they are a huge encouragement to him and keep him going...only 20 days until graduation!! We can't wait! There will be a nice sized group going to his PIR (graduation) Dan, Jack and I, Grandma Sharron (Dan's mom), My sister Kelly and her family, and the Weissend family.
I will post pictures from the Launch later. Have a terrific Saturday!