Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a great but exhausting weekend!

Dan, Jack & I, along with Grandma Sharron, Aunt Kelly & Courtney, and Andy, Lynn, Hannah, Jack & Laura Weissend all went to Chicago to attend Danny's graduation from Navy Basic Training. The ceremony was powerful and moving. Danny's division won Hall of Fame. We all stayed at the same hotel so we hung out and got to know each other was a great time.
The big news of the weekend was that Danny proposed to Hannah and she said yes! So we are getting a Daughter in love. (I much prefer this term than in law) We went out for an engagement party dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse and some stranger paid for Danny's (who was in uniform) dinner and thanked him for his service to our country. Danny answered "My pleasure" what a fine young man he is...another tearful moment. Danny has asked Jack to be his Best Man which (also) had me tearing was a very emotional weekend for all I Slide show of photos to come.
Hannah is a very sweet girl who loves God! She is coming to visit us and Danny (mostly Danny I am in a few weeks and we are looking forward to getting to know her better. Can't wait to see you Hannah!
Danny is now in Pensacola FL for his A school. Dan is at Pensacola Christian College getting trained in the Abecka curriculum until Thursday night...hopefully he can have dinner with Danny one night.
For those of you who don't know Dan will be teaching 6th grade as well as teaching Math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at Calvary Chapel of Sarasota's Christian school. We are praising God that Dan has a job! We are staying in Florida for Jack to graduate this coming year and we don't know whats next...But God does...please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We did not get to see the launch because of weather conditions, but we had fun being with Russ and Rosemary and we know what to bring and where to park for next time.
Dan is employed! Praise God! He is now a 6th grade school teacher at Calvary Chapel Christian School in Sarasota, FL.
Only 10 days until we see Danny! Not being able to call him up and talk to him whenever we want has been hard.
Have a Jesus filled day!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Space Shuttle Endeavour viewing/Danny's phone call

Good Morning! Dan, Jack, Russ & Rosemary Sandman and I are going to Titusville to see the shuttle launch! It is set to launch at 1939 (7:39 pm). We have never seen a launch before!I am really looking forward to it. Please pray for good weather so it is not cancelled.
We got a phone call from Danny this morning and he is no longer sick(Praise God!)...he is doing well at Navy Basic Training...We miss him soooo much. He shares he can make his bed perfectly He asks for letters from everyone ...PLEASE...they are a huge encouragement to him and keep him going...only 20 days until graduation!! We can't wait! There will be a nice sized group going to his PIR (graduation) Dan, Jack and I, Grandma Sharron (Dan's mom), My sister Kelly and her family, and the Weissend family.
I will post pictures from the Launch later. Have a terrific Saturday!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Danny's mailing address

Here is Danny's mailing address at Navy boot camp:

BLDG 7104


Saturday, June 6, 2009

a quick sum up of late events

This picture is a blast from our past...what a handsome group of gentlemen... proof that Jack was once the shortest one in our
Wow! it has been a while sine we last posted...We have been very busy! There is too much so in the words of Indigo Montoya I will sum up.
Dan and I went to Missouri to visit the Niesen's and had a great time they are doing well and the kids are getting big! Dan is still looking for a job but getting tons done on the home front, he installed a reverse osmosis system, a water softening system as well as various smaller jobs...I Praise God Dan is so multi talented!! I, Kate, got 14 inches cut off of my hair which I am donating, I also have a new daytime job at a wound center which I am loving!! No weekends and holidays off plus I work with a great group of people! Danny is on Day 2 of Navy boot camp in Chicago, IL. Jack is back at Albertsons grocery store and is looking forward to his senior year, he has some exciting plans for his future decided. We have moved our new address is:
5358 Illan Rd.
North Port, FL 34291

We believe God is preparing us for serving Him in a different way...we are excited to see what He has coming up for us! God bless!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New York Trip

We went to NY to visit Danny for his 19th birthday, which was April 26th. We were blessed with a unseasonably (for them) warm and sunny stay.

We arrived very early Friday, we got to meet David and Sharon Banks who have graciously housed Danny during his time at Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes School of Ministry. David and Sharon, THANK YOU for welcoming us into your home (not to mention caring for our man) it was such a blessing to get to meet you and spend some time with you.

Later in the day we met Hannah, who is a very sweet young lady who Danny is very attached to...and her very nice family. We had dinner at their home and shared a time of fellowship (we hung On Saturday we headed to Niagara Falls. It is an amazing and beautiful site...we walked out on the observation deck overlooking the falls, it was so windy and the mist truly drenches you! We also walked over to Goat Island. On Sunday we went to CCoFL for second service. Pastor Scott Galatin gave an awesome message. Then the amazing Banks hosted a birthday lunch for 11 for Danny, again thank you.

We were so blessed to be able to spend some time with Danny. We love you buddy and we are so proud of the godly young man you are becoming. Go Navy!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

An end of a chapter

We have been blessed to have spent the past 2+ years serving our Lord at Agape Flights. The past few months we have seen in various ways that this chapter of our life was ending. Last Thursday was Dan's last official work day at Agape. We will be spending this week saying goodbye to our friends there and closing out the remaining tasks. At this point we do not know what is next, but trust God to show us when the time is right. We are a bit anxious about Dan not having a job, yet are excited to see what is around the next corner. We could not sum up the experiences we have been a part of in a shot blog, but a condensed version would sound like this: We have laughed, cried, prayed, seen lives change, made new friends, witnessed miracles, served, travelled, trained, witnessed births, witnessed rebirths, ministered, been ministered to, and blogged. We would not trade the experiences or the relationships we have had at Agape for anything. Rejoice with us, for we serve a Great God!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

King Air emergency landing in Eleuthera Bahamas

Yesterday late morning Agape's plane, pictured to the left, encountered some difficulties when the right engine seized up and started smoking over the Bahamas. Pilots, Jeff and Steve, had recieved training recently on how to handle landing with only one engine should it ever occur. God is so good! They were able to land the plane fully loaded with cargo for the missionaries without incident. Praise God! Dave Spangler a missionary in the Bahamas came to the rescue and allowed his plane to to be used to get the cargo to Haiti and the D.R. Thank you Dave for your generousity!
It appears as if the engine will have to be replaced. Dan, Harvey, and possibly a few of the aircraft mechanic volunteers will most likely be heading to Eleuthera on Tuesday to begin the process of replacing the engine in preparation to bring "Grace" as named by Harvey home. Please keep the mechanics in your prayers as there is no hangar and they will be doing all the work on the tarmac with what they can borrow or bring with them. We will update as we know more.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Short Update

Hi all! It has been a while since our last post. We have been kind of at a loss for what God has for us, as our relocation to the D.R. with Agape Flights was cancelled a few weeks before our planned departure date. It seems that what was to be the plan has majorly changed. Because of these changes our friends, John and Sarah Niesen, have left the field to return to Missouri and the mission house in Santo Domingo has been closed. We are currently in prayer and seeking counsel on God's will for us. We are (still) more than half packed and are eager to serve Him in whatever He has for us. We are going to Greenville, SC next weekend to counsel with our Sr. Pastor, and we also have been seeking the counsel of our Sr. Pastor here in Venice. We thank you for all your prayers, please keep us and our Pastors in you prayers as we seek direction. We will post after we return from Greenville. The picture above is Dan speaking at Calvary Chapel of Bradenton here in FL. God bless!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home? again

Well, I, Dan, returned home last Friday from the Dominican Republic. I had many revelations while there. First, the little spanish I know is very inadaquate for serving. I could survive with what I know, but could not minister (Donde es el bano?). Next, working up close with the missionaries, we saw God is truly doing great things in the DR. Finally, the plans we had to minister there do not seem to be needed at this time. Kate and I would love to serve God in the Dominican Republic, but more importantly, we want to do what God wants. We do not believe that our plans to move there and serve are His plans. So, the question mark in the title is not a typo, but the reality of what we feel. We are seeking God's will for our lives, but are not sure what or where the next step is. If you visit our house now, you would see a family living out of boxes, since we were packed to leave. We are continuing to serve at Agape here in the states as we wait for the next step. Please pray for us and direction in our lives.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic photos

I have posted a new slideshow with some pictures from my trip to the DR. I am sure Dan will have some more when he comes home on Friday...Yes John he IS coming home. It is so nice to get to spend some time with Sarah and the kids...they were missed. I hope you all (y'all) enjoy the pictures. I love and miss you Dan...see you on Friday! God Bless!
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, February 5, 2009

quick update

I (Kate) returned home late Tuesday night with Sarah, Evie (2), & Ransom (5 months). It was an uneventful flight..Evie and Ransom were troopers..Praise God! Then we drove 3 hrs home to Venice. Dan and John will return around noon on Friday Feb 13th.
Our time in the DR was busy, with helping the Niesen's prepare for their return to the US, closing up the mission house, helping with the distribution center and getting to know the missionaries in Santo Domingo. There will be photos to follow in the next few days. God bless!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference and DR trip

Good Morning! This photo of our family was taken at the Calvary Chapel South East Pastor's Conference in Merritt Island FL this last week. The conference, which Danny was able to attend with us, was awesome! It blessed our family immensely. Unfortunately Pastor Chuck couldn't make it in person. He did however speak via the internet.
Dan and I will be in the DR from tonight until Feb 3. We are going to assist the Niesen family as the close Agape Flights Santo Domingo Mission house. Please pray for the Niesens, our family and Agape Flights during this time of transition. We will be leaving Jack in FL during this trip...Thanks to the Dolby family for welcoming him into your home...we appreciate it! Jack, We will miss you and we are so blessed by the young man you are!
Our family's relocating to the mission field will be after Jack finishes this school year. I will post a longer post about this later. God bless!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Preparing for whats next

Well, it is Friday and we are preparing for the whirlwind activities of the next few weeks. Tomorrow we will be picking up Danny, Sunday we will depart for the Pastors conference at Merritt Island, and next Saturday we will depart for the Dominican Republic. Kate and I are looking to the Lord during this time to renew our vision and purpose in ministry. Please pray for Wisdom and courage as we accept His Will for our family.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another day in sunny (or not) Florida

Well, the cold front has finally arrived. Temps are dropping out of the 70's and it is raining pretty hard. Sharon, Dan's mom, left this morning. We had a great visit with her. Jack is visiting Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando today. We are getting excited about Danny's arrival this weekend. Pray for him, he believes that his wisdom teeth are coming in(ouch!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Dan has kidney stones..He is doing ok

The early morning hours on Thursday found Dan and I in the Emergency room. Around 4 in the morning Dan awoke with some pretty severe pain and some nausea and vomitting, after trying to tough it out for almost 2 hours he could take no more. When we got to the hospital they put an IV access in and gave him a liter bolus of fluids and some pain medicines. Because he was so young (in Venice Florida, where the median age is 65, 40 is considered young) and 80% of kidney stones pass without surgical intervention the MD opted to not take a CT scan. Dan started to feel better and he was sent home with a few parting gifts (a prescription, a urinal, a strainer and a specimen jar). Then around 4:30 pm I picked up Dan's Mom from the Fort Myers airport. I call her the incredible shrinking Grandma because every time I see her there is less of her (almost 100 lbs less!).I will take some photos of Sharron (not the stones) this weekend and post them.